Saturday, April 10, 2010

Lake of the Ozarks, Grand Glaize arm, April 9th: Fishing a little slow, but the kayaking was excellent!

The wind in central Missouri finally calmed down on Friday and I was able to get some kayak fishing in Friday. I had been to Table Rock and Stockton earlier in the week, and it was WAY to windy to get any fishing and/or kayaking in.
The paddling was incredible....the coolest part was the cave located in the cliffs. I got a chance to shore the yak, and went up to explore. A kingfisher was nesting in the cave and was not to happy about my presence. I was hitting the rocks and timber with a white spinner, then a chartreuse spinner as success. Threw Wiggle Warts and little micro spins with Treetop grubs, still no success. I think if I would have had a nightcrawler and slip bobber set up, the results would have been different. Looks like the water temp is around 55 degrees (60 on top) so the fishing should get good real soon...the paddling was AWESOME!
Fish ON!

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