Friday, July 30, 2010

Grand Lake, Deleware County, Oklahoma, July 28th, 2010: Little bit of action near marina, bass are deep

Marina near Bernice State Park
My first Oklahoma largmouth!
I got a chance to fish Grand Lake O' The Cherokee's (Grand Lake) after working in Kansas for the day, and hit the water around 3:30 p.m. or so.  The put in spot was Bernice State Park.  Grand lake is a beautiful lake and today turned out to be excellent.  I paddled up to the bridge that crosses the arm of the lake and went to the other side of the bridge. 

Grank Lake Largemouth Bass
There was a marina and a shady rocky shore with docks, shade, and depth, so I chose to fish that area for the day.  I was using a natural colored Wave Worm on a texas rigged baitcasting rod.  I got a couple of really small taps and caught a 6" green sunfish (the bait was as large as the fish!).  After fishing the drop off points for about an hour, I paddled to the cove that had the marina.  About 10' out on the corner of a dock, I landed my first and only fish for the day.
  They call this spot the "Crappie Capital", so I will make sure to come back to it soon, and most definitely check it out for spring crappie fishing.
Fish ON!

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