Sunday, July 25, 2010

Lake Sherwood, Warren County, July 24th, 2010: Panfish off, but Largmouth On!

I got out to the main lake at Sherwood around 1:30 or so.  The story of the day really was the heat....the index was up over 100 degrees!  However, I know that sometimes the best fishing is during high light, high heat days, especially for that is what I was targeting on this day.  I got a new kayak wheel set and so I wanted to try it out.  It is going to take a little getting used kayak is a little heavier, coming in at around 75# (much like a canoe in that respect).  So I decided to park at the Lake Sherwood marina, unload it from the top of the car, and "wheel it" over to the boat launch.
  Paddled out of the cove and went to the beach area of the lake to get all the rods set up and ready to go and fished that cove.  Got absolutely no interest in the nightcrawler/ bottom rig set up that traditionally works so well on Lake Sherwood.  I got bored so I started to throw a texas rigged red Manns Jelly worm (6") towards the shore...started to receive some taps, but was not able to set on any....after about an hour or so fishing the shale banks, I paddled past the swim beach into another cover that has a lot of hydrilla and moss cover.  As I was speaking with another fellow Kayaker, a hit....16" Largemouth!
  I then paddled toward the marina and decided to use the canoe/kayak landing. (very dangerous, might I add....straight drop off w/ concrete and wire).  I knew my brother in law, Rob, was getting ready for a tournament that night and spotted him at the boat launch, so we had a quick convo....As I was packing up, I decided to fish just a couple more times towards the dock and BAM!  An even larger Largemouth Bass...hit on exact same set up.  As you can see from the photo, he is probably about 18" or so....overall, great day on the lake!  Finished up around 6:00 p.m. and headed home.

Fish ON!


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