Sunday, July 11, 2010

Meremac River, St. louis County, MO. July 4th 2010: Paddeling was awesome, storm not as good

Paddled from the Route 66 State Park boat launch to the confluence of the Big River. I got a chance to film it with my HD camcorder (see previous post). This is one of my favorite stretches of the Meremac River. In the past, the fishing has been really good. This is the spot that I caught a huge smallmouth- my personal best so far.
I had a bottom rig out with some nightcrawlers and caught several drum....this part of the river has a ton of drum. I bet it has some large catfish as well. It is 2.75 miles from the boat launch to the confluence point. I felt the workout the next day, big time (close to 6 miles total)...because my thought was to paddle up, drift fish back for about 3 hours or so. In reality, I paddled up, and then had a thunderstorm on my back going the other way. So I had a "sense of urgency" to get back to the ramp. Did not make it....found a tree to hang out under until it blew over. I got soaked. There is a saying "cotton kills". This is a correct statement. I had a cotton sleeveless shirt on, and it stayed soaked the whole time. In a cooler environment, I could have got hypothermia (even in the summer!). That is why a dry bag with dry clothing is always a good idea (I usually keep extra cloths in the car, if possible).
Flow: 900 (cfs)
Gauge: 2.75 (ft)
Fish ON!

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