Monday, July 26, 2010

Lake Sherwood, Warren County July 25th, 2010: Catfish hitting on bass worms!

Needed the net for this one!
I decided to come back to Lake Sherwood after a great day of fishing yesterday (even with the heat).  A front moved through, so it was cooler than yesterday by a little, with more overcast than sunny skies.  This time I launched at the dam and fished the first cove by the lakes largest (and only) island.  I figured I would leave the bottom rig at home and just go for bass, so I had (1) spinning rod and (2) bait caster rods on the kayak.

Two Nice Lake Sherwood Channel Cats
  Tried a lot of different things....started with yesterdays "go to" the red jelly worm with no success.  I brought a tin of Berkly Gulp Alive worms, 7" watermelon and started to cast those.  I caught one very small bass, but did not set the hook hard enough to get into the boat.  About an hour into fishing the shore lines I got a mighty hit.  This happened the minute the worm went about 6" into the water by a log.  This was the first and largest channel catfish. I am glad I had my net in the kayak...this was the first time I have had to use it on a fish.  The water temperature is so warm right now, it really does not surprise me that they are hitting like this.  I have caught many a catfish in the spring on rooster  tails fishing for other species.  I continued around the cove and about 40 min later, caught the second catfish, in the same manner.  I am really glad I came back for round two on Sunday!

fish ON!


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Coloradocasters said...

Very nice. The heavy scent action on some of the Gulp products attracts everything from fish to crawdads. Way to go man.