Monday, July 5, 2010

Sugar Hollow Lake, Warren County, MO. July 2nd 2010: Fishing a little slow, a couple of nice fish

This is the second largest lake at the Lake Sherwood area. Gas driven engines are not allowed on this lake- trolling motors only. This keeps the traffic down on this lake. Everytime I have taken the kayak out here to fish, I have been the only one on the lake.....good set up!
Fished on this day about 4 hours.....caught a couple of nice panfish (see photo above), but not a lot to write about. Fishing was sporadic at best. Had a nice hit on a minnow spinner, but was not able to set. I think the fishing may have had something to do with the weather pattern or time. I have seen buckets of panfish come out of this lake in the are in a summer pattern for sure! This seems like it would be a great early morning or evening lake to fish. We will have to try that some time before the summer closes out.
Fish ON!


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Coloradocasters said...

Panfish can be very colorful and fun to catch. I have an addiction to panfish.