Sunday, July 4, 2010

Lake of the Ozarks, Grand Glaize Arm, June 29th 2010: Found a nice primative launch for the Kayak

I got an opportunity to kayak Lake of the Ozarks for a few hours last week. The original plan was to put in around the swinging bridges and kayak the skinnier waters (I prefer rivers to lakes, just so you know). The challenge I had with that plan was the portgage from the parking lot to the put in site. I really need to invest in a set of wheels for the kayak (that will be the next investment).
Drove past the bridges and found the primitive camping site on the south end of Lake of the Ozarks SP. Found a perfect gravel launch (just how I like it) and put in. Got quite a bit of paddling in and fished all the way back. Fishing was a bit slow. Had to fight a bozo on a speedboat skiing the area....I could not believe someone would take such a risk- big stumps and debris, plus the water goes from about 12' to 1' within a matter of yards. Because of this, I had to paddle against 3' waves every 1/2 hour or so..this is why Lake of the Ozarks is NOT a good kayak or canoe lake from Memorial Day to Labor Day....I will come back to this place in the fall when it calms down a bit.
Fish ON!

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Coloradocasters said...

Getting offshore can make all the difference. Nice "put in" post. Sorry about the extra seems these days I always have to put up with on bozo or another out there. Good luck and good fishing.